Abigail has a clear and rational understanding of the law. She represented me with respect and an obvious vindication to protect my rights. My case was an overall success and it is thanks to her and her associates’ professional legal guidance. All the best to her new firm.


Abigail Rogers is the best and I’m forever grateful. She helped me keep my CDL license in good standing after I ran over some ice and had a mishap while driving a semi truck. Since I live in Florida, which is many miles and states away, it was hard to find someone who I could put my trust in the represent me and look out for my best interest. Called a few attorneys at first but when I got on the phone with her, I felt like she was REALLY willing to help me and dig me out of the horrible situation I was facing. She is very attentive, honest from the start, and will fight hard for you as she did for me. If you are looking for criminal defense she is who you need to call. If i could give her 100 stars I would.


I was falsely charged with child molestation charges. Abigail fought for me like I was a member of her own family and because of her efforts my case was dismissed. Also, she continues to work to help guide me through the process of reunification with my children through CFS. She is a skilled attorney and a very caring person. I would recommend her to anyone.


I met with Abigail Rogers and found her to be the most reassuring and reasonable. The knowledge of the situation and what she could do was very straight forward and positive. She instilled confidence in me right away that many of my charges could be negotiated down and/or dropped. She was honest and gave me a fair price to perform her services.


Since that meeting Abigail was assigned to the majority of the case from reading all the court documents, making calls, keeping in contact with me, and appearing in court on the day of sentencing. Throughout the process I had many questions and concerns and Abigail was great at addressing them either on the spot or as soon as she could answer. She updated me promptly once she received and reviewed new information. She was very flexible with communication via phone or email, which was a huge help.


 Abigail gave my case the attention and expertise of a very professional lawyer. I wanted this process to move along quickly so I could resume my life more normally and begin paying my debts to society. In just a little over a month we got the plea deal I was satisfied with and one big question about the details of work release right before sentencing. Abby made some calls and got the answer I wanted to hear. So we walked to court and the plea agreement was accepted by the judge. I'm not happy with what I did and am working on the ways I can change, but I am happy that I received an outcome that seems more reasonable to recover from. I am very glad I found a lawyer that was as concerned with my well being as I was. Highly recommend Abigail Rogers.


I engaged Abigail to help me sort out some misdemeanor charges from years ago. Since I live several states away I had to trust that she would be on top of my case and communicate to me whenever necessary. After a yearlong fight we were able to achieve a deferred plea agreement, which essentially means that there were no charges filed! I cannot say enough how appreciative I was of the friendliness, professionalism, and thoroughness that Abigail exhibited throughout this ordeal. Thanks!


As our case was filed outside of our jurisdiction, we needed to retain representation in a state where we had no knowledge of the law. With our initial consultation via telephone, we felt comfortable and knew that Abby understood our needs. She was in constant contact with us, asked the right questions and knew just how to proceed to prepare us for our case. She defended us from false allegations, her calm and empathetic demeanor offered the emotional support to our family and we truly felt she cared about our case. She even went above & beyond her duties after hours by contacting the judge to inform him of more unjust events regarding our case. She was in contact with the right authorities and kept us informed of the progress every step of the way. Although it was a very difficult time in our lives, she presented our case with the truth and justice was and is still being served. She continued to guide us, as our case was returned to its original jurisdiction and worked closely with our new attorney to continue our case.


​Abby came through for us when our family had to fight numerous unjust and false allegations! We will always be grateful for her expertise and regard her like an extended member of our family. She is a highly knowledgeable attorney who gets the job done!


Abigail Rogers is a very good lawyer. She was able to work with me being states away. She got my case dismissed.


Abigail Rogers, regarded my case with professionalism and courtesy. I left their initial consultation better informed and optimistic about my charges. From my omni-hearing to the day of my sentencing, Abigail kept me well informed and up-to-date on developments with my case and responded promptly to e-mails and phone calls. They were able to negotiate to withdraw nearly all of my charges through a plea and give me the best possible resolution. I still had to pay for a stupid mistake but, thanks to Abigail, the consequences were far more manageable than they would have been without their help. Their fee, compared to that of many other defense attorneys here in Missoula, is much more manageable as well.

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