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  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence) & DUI Per Se

    • DUI: Driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs

    • DUI Per Se: Driving with an excessive blood alcohol or drug concentration ​

  • Drug Offenses

    • Distribution of Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, Possession with Intent to Distribute Dangerous Drugs, Fraudulently Obtaining Dangerous Drugs, Altering Labels on Dangerous Drugs, Possession of Precursors to Dangerous Drugs, Distribution of Dangerous Drugs, Production or Manufacture of Dangerous Drugs, and Operation of Unlawful Clandestine Laboratory

  • Assault and Related Offenses

    • Partner/Family Member Assault (PFMA), Assault, Strangulation, Aggravated Assault, Intimidation, Vehicular Assault, Criminal Endangerment, Negligent Endangerment, Assault on Peace/Judicial Officer,  Assault on Minor, Assault with Weapon, Assault with Bodily Fluid, Stalking, and Kidnapping.

  • Property Offenses

    • Criminal Mischief, Arson, Desecration of Property, Criminal Destruction of or Tampering with Communication Device, Criminal Trespass to Property/Vehicle, Burglary, Possession of Burglary Tools, Theft, and Deceptive Practices

  • Public Order Offenses

    • Disorderly Conduct, Failure of disorderly persons to disperse, Riot, Incitement to Riot, Criminal Incitement, Civil Disorder, Public Nuisance, Creating Hazard, Obscenity, Criminal Defamation, Privacy in Communications, Criminal Invasion of Personal Privacy, and Firearm Offenses

  • Criminal Appeals 

    • Criminal appeals from justice or misdemeanor court to district court, direct appeals to the Montana Supreme Court or United States Supreme Court, and petitions for post-conviction relief.​

  • Petitions

    • Petitions for postconviction relief, petitions for conditional discharge from probation, and petitions for early termination of probation/parole/supervised release.

  • Expungement 

    • Expunge your record of a criminal offense






I met with Abigail Rogers and found her to be the most reassuring and reasonable. The knowledge of the situation and what she could do was very straight forward and positive. She instilled confidence in me right away that many of my charges could be negotiated down and/or dropped. She was honest and gave me a fair price to perform her services. Throughout the process I had many questions and concerns and Abigail was great at addressing them either on the spot or as soon as she could answer. She updated me promptly once she received and reviewed new information. She was very flexible with communication via phone or email, which was a huge help.

 Abigail gave my case the attention and expertise of a very professional lawyer. I wanted this process to move along quickly so I could resume my life more normally and begin paying my debts to society. In just a little over a month we got the plea deal I was satisfied with and one big question about the details of work release right before sentencing. Abby made some calls and got the answer I wanted to hear. So we walked to court and the plea agreement was accepted by the judge.

I'm not happy with what I did and am working on the ways I can change, but I am happy that I received an outcome that seems more reasonable to recover from. I am very glad I found a lawyer that was as concerned with my well being as I was. Highly recommend Abigail Rogers.


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